Madison Street Capital Ranks Among Leading Investment Banking Firms As Growth Escalates

Business is a lucrative field but only after understanding the working principles of a market an one reap benefits. Many businesses have great plans and good ideas but lack of an understanding of how the industry is structured leads to challenges that plunge the business in troubles that later grow to become losses. Despite having good ideas, investors and entrepreneurs still need professionals advice and the support of individuals who have been in the world of business for many years. One of the companies able to help businesses grow is Madison Street, which is known for its investment banking services.


In 2016, Madison Street worked with several businesses but none was grateful than ARES Security. Helping ARES Security to grow from a struggling entity to getting into the market was something that Madison Street finds appealing. As the president of ARES Security, Ben Eazzetta, stated, the working relationship that was held between the two companies brought forth many benefits and was a great idea. With the objective financial analyses and reviews that Madison Street offered, the company was able to restructure and they finally found a financing partner.


About Madison Street Capital

As an established investment banking group, Madison Street has maintained more focus on middle-market firms and offering flexible and reliable corporate funding solutions. They also have a team of professionals who approach businesses to review the strategies put in place to overcome problems of a diverse nature. Madison Street seeks to offer effective capital restructuring and diverse funding options that can steer businesses to the achievement of their goals. The company has been successful in supporting all types of businesses and their corporate financing methods have been of help to growing entities.


This is where Madison Street comes in with effective solutions and ideas that are proved to work in many ways. Tax planning is essential as it serves to minimize tax liability through properly structuring transactions to mitigate the obligations that come with taxation while at the same time maximizing after-tax revenues. This has to be implemented well and without the support of experienced professionals it may prove daunting to achieve the goals one aspires to reach when dealing with different types of transactions.

From AmWay To Education Dick DeVos Proves Himself A Success

I have always been amazed at the way the Grand Rapids, Michigan based business leader Dick DeVos finds the time to be such an effective campaigner for education reform when he leads such an effective and profitable business career. Dick first came to my attention through his time spent as the President of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise in 1991 where he proved his doubters wring in believing his age and experience levels would work against him in the roles of President and CEO. None of us should have underestimated the chances of success for Dick DeVos as I believe he had already proven himself to be a business success with the AmWay Corporation.


Despite being the son of AmWay founder Rich DeVos, Dick was never given a career at the corporation without having earned a promotion first; I believe the decade working in various sectors of the company provided Dick DeVos with a grounding that has helped him achieve success in all the business interests he has since pursued. In 1986, Dick was finally appointed to an executive position at AmWay in the difficult role of international sales director where he excelled in providing an increase in sales from just five percent of those recorded by AmWay to more than 50 percent by 1991 when Dick joined the Orlando Magic.


In my own opinion, Dick DeVos understands the need for all businesses to look for ways of developing for the future, which is something the Northwood University graduate did with AmWay over the course of a number of years. Now seen as the number one direct sales company in the U.S., AmWay was restructured with the Alticor holding company in control under the leadership of Dick DeVos who I believe ensured the future of the company to be bright throughout the 21st century. I believe Dick DeVos wants to achieve as much as possible in his life and believed he had completed his work with AmWay when he announced his retirement in 2002. Dick DeVos is now estimated to have a personal wealth of over $5 billion and continues to find success with his own Windquest Group he and wife Betsy use to make seize their own investment opportunities.


Improving the Russian Economy Some Ideas From One Entrepreneur

Within the past few quarters, the Russian Economy has grown rapidly slower than its preceding estimates, showing a nearly four times exaggeration in the actual versus the estimated. This is clearly a problem, and one of which Alexei Beltyukov, Advisor of the Skolkovo Foundation, has weighed in on.

The Russian market has been damaged since the Ukranian struggle beginning in early March. One of the most recognizable effects of this is the ruble losing 9% against the dollar, which served to greatly increase the cost of imports. This, however, is just the next step in a long string of examples of Russias slowing economy that has been falling for the past four years.

According to, Alexei Beltyukov, however, offers financial wisdom in hopes to held turn around the economy of Russia, and he hopes it helps very quickly. He says that in order for Russia to reestablish itself as an economic power, it needs to emphasize the entrepreneurial spirit.

Alexei believes that the central government needs to work very hard to support small businesses that are currently struggling to grab a foothold in the failing economy. Only through small businesses, Beltyukov says, will the Russian economy find prominence again.

Alexei Beltyukov has experience in the matter, as he is a recognize entrepreneur and philanthropist. He started his company, Edemic Capital, in 2013 to aid in what he sees as the revitalization of the Russian economy. They provide support for small start-ups and businesses in the way of guidance or monetary relief.

In addition, the company supports those seeking to attend business school. In addition, Beltyukov works with the Russian government to provide economic support through the Skolkovo Foundation, on which he is Vice President. This foundation provides support through grants to technology start-ups. His actions follow his belief that small business will rebuild Russia.

Your Car Loan Rates Can Become Lower Once Ignition Financial Finds You Another Lender


Some people will unintentionally make it harder on themselves by continuing to pay high monthly rates on their car payments when it’s not necessary. Yes, it is necessary for them to continue making their payments, but they may be able to get the payments much lower than what they are paying now. Refinancing a car loan is the perfect way to get the payments as low as possible and to also get better terms on the loan, which can be in the best interest of the customer. Going with a refinancing company may be a bit of a challenge if you don’t know where to go.


A great company to choose for refinancing is a Ignition Financial, and there are many reasons why they are the company to go with. With a great background in refinancing cars, Ignition Financial is a perfect choice, and the company also has a lot of dealings with several lenders, giving you one choice after another of which lender would be best for your refinancing needs. Choose terms that are more flexible than what you were used to before, such as lower payments, lower interest rates, and a different pay date. Once the terms have been chosen, your loan will be in place.


After your application has been shopped around to several lenders, you can choose which lender has the terms you’re looking for, even if there rate is not as low as what you’d like. Some people choose the lender with the lowest rates, but other people may choose a lender with terms that are more agreeable and better for their lifestyle and needs.


On top of being able to link you with a great lender, Ignition Financial also has some amazing benefits that can be obtained by any customer that works directly with them. The first thing that a customer wants and thinks about is “slash my payments,” but what about the protection of the car? Protecting your car doesn’t only start with getting full coverage insurance, but you can also get some great coverage from Ignition Financial that will protect the entire car. Protect your car loan, car parts, tires and more with the different protection services from Ignition Financial today.


Building an Informative Community with ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a company that has a mission. This is a mission to help all teachers create the unbelievable classroom experience. This is something that many teachers have embraced, and it is only a matter of time before this becomes an app that will be used in classrooms everywhere. There is already a global dominance that has made this one of the most used apps for education. It has been reported that close to 90% of schools in the United States at the K-8 grade levels are using this app. That is outstanding when one considers the fact that there are other apps out there.

ClassDojo continues to dominate over these other apps because it has been promoted by a lot of school districts. In the school system there are often lots of schools that do not have the funding to support any high dollar technology. That is why the ClassDojo app tends to be so appealing. This is a free app that comes from the west coast that has become important in the east, north and south. It spread from the west coast quickly and people discovered that ClassDojo would be a very efficient way to stay in touch with parents.

Sometimes teachers can have a difficult time getting parents in for a face to face parent-teacher conference.  This app helps people avoid all of that. More than half of all parents with children in K-8 grades are going to have access to a smart phone. This is a free app to download, and it works on both iPhone and Android systems. This widespread availability has made this the app that has beat out the competition and shined as the pinnacle of educational communication.

The ClassDojo app builds a nice community of students, teachers and parents. This is the popular app that is easy to utilize, and that is why it works. All that they have to do is sign up, log in and get connected in accordance to the school where their children are in attendance. This gives the parents the chance to get plugged in to a network where they can learn more about what is happening with classroom projects and all types of assignments that are due throughout the year.