Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere And The Power Of Knowing Your Brand

It’s not easy to take over the cosmetics industry in less than ten years. However, Russian-born Lime Crime founder Doe Deere’s strong understanding of her brand and her own unique aesthetic has allowed millions of millennials to express themselves with the power of makeup.

When Lime Crime was first created in 2008, Deere was trying to create a brand that featured the type of makeup that she liked. While 2008 was all about covering up flaws with neutral colors, Deere craved makeup that allowed for serious self-expression and experimentation. Since she was a little girl, Deere has always gravitated toward the whimsical, bright and sparkly.

Lime Crime’s first product, the Unicorn Lipstick line, continues to sell out regularly. The lipsticks are intensely pigmented and come in a variety of neon pastel shades. The packaging is a metallic magenta tube covered in cute illustrations of unicorns. Back in 2008, the product was radically different from what was trendy in the cosmetics industry.

Doe Deere has continued to stick to her personal aesthetic since the brand’s launch. Gradually, she has earned the respect of makeup lovers who appreciate Deere’s experimental approach to makeup. Because Deere has never wavered from her love of bright colors and sparkly and metallic finishes, Lime Crime customers are deeply loyal and trust Deere’s vision wholeheartedly. Deere refuses to capitalize on current trends, earning her brand much respect throughout the world of makeup enthusiasts.

Today, Lime Crime has millions of followers on social media and large retailers are beginning to stock the brand’s products. The bright and colorful aesthetic that was once anything but trendy is now being copied by hugely successful makeup brands around the world.

However, Deere’s success didn’t come easily. As a young entrepreneur, she learned some tough lessons along the journey to what the brand is today. Just a couple of years after launching Lime Crime, the brand’s website was hacked, suddenly leaving countless customers vulnerable as their personal information was stolen. It took Deere almost a year to slowly earn back the trust of her customers. Now, she has taken great steps to ensure that such a devastating incident never happens again.

One thing that has helped Deere tremendously over the years is her knowledge of her own brand. From day one, Deere has known the Lime Crime customer inside and out. She has remained dedicated to her creative vision, always following her gut instincts when creating new products.

Today, Deere is on top of the cosmetics world. Lime Crime products are highly coveted among makeup enthusiasts. Thanks to her commitment to her vision, millions of makeup lovers are having fun with the world of colorful cosmetics.

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Mike Baur’s Factory Creating Swiss Companies

Mike Baur has over the last 20 years honed his experience in the banking industry in Switzerland. He is a founding partner of a Swiss incubator company called Swiss Start-Up Factory AG. At the start up, he is responsible for sourcing for funds.


Swiss Start up Factory


This company was introduced to the public in 2014. It is based in Zurich and is an accelerator. It seeks out digital entrepreneurs who are thriving and passionate about what they are doing. From the moment these entrepreneurs are introduced to the factory, they are connected with exciting opportunities in Switzerland and around the world.


The program runs for three months, a period within which the new entrepreneurs are provided with empowering services. They are coached and mentored in the Zurich based offices. They are also connected with an entrepreneurial networkto help them grow.


Founder Stories Interview


In an interview with Founder Stories‘ Jean Pierre Vuilleur, Mike Baur says that the reason why he decided to name his incubator factory was because it is precisely what the company does. It builds and manufactures new Swiss companies. The second reason for the use of the name factory is that he wants young Swiss people to start working hard and stop feeling entitled to things in life. Hard work is typical of factories, which is what young entrepreneurs need to develop and design a product. He encourages young people to roll back their sleeves and get to the task of creating their own companies.


In the factory, there are two things that are actually taking place. The first step in the factory is what Mike refers to as prototyping and accelerating. This step is followed by shaping and proving the concepts.




Asked about what stands his incubator out from others, he says that his factory is an independent company with no political affiliation and therefore able to make its own decisions without being compromised. Secondly, he says that the partners and co-founders have invested in the company and are therefore determined to see it do well. This is not the case in many incubator companies where the founders invest their money in the startups sparingly so that in the event it collapses, they do not lose much.


The problem,Baur says, is that Swiss people are good only in innovating. Swiss people innovate, but cannot execute. The lack of assertive execution of concepts is what has denied the Swiss people many Swiss founded companies, according to Baur.




Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is the Bet

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was recently declared as the Best Water Brand in 2017 by 10 Best Water. This brand is known to many because of its taste, purity, and commitment to conserving the environment. Waiakea water was given the first position as the best volcanic water in 2017 too. The brand impressed many people by surpassing some of the international household names in the industry such as Evian, SmartWater Voss, Fiji and Icelandic Glacial in most of the categories it was nominated.

Forbes said that Waiakea water has won this category for three years now. 10 Best Water Management says that although the brand is still new in the market, it can now be considered as one of the best and most influential in the international market.

Ryan Emmons, the founder and chief executive officer of Waiakea, says that the goal of his brand from the start was to change the bottled water industry. Ryan says that he wanted to alter the industry from within, developing a positive mindset in the CGP sector at the end of the day. The continued recognition of its philanthropic and environmental initiatives have shown that the company has all the power needed to bring these positive changes.

At the moment, Waiakea Water is considered to be the first brand to achieve CarbonNeutral certification in the United States. The company is slowly becoming the center for some of the primary transformation in the beverage department. This can be contributed to the reforestation initiatives in the company, one hundred percent RPET packaging, and sustainable sourcing.

According to Specialty Food, this is not the only award Waiakea water has received in the recent past. The institution was recognized by Grubstreet, one of the most popular beverages and food critics as the Best Tasting water.

In a statement to the public, the founder of the company says that the awards won by his company prove that the consumers prefer to take the water from the institution. According to him, the water is healthier, ethically conscious and more sustainable when compared to most of the brands in the market.

Waiakea water originates from the rain and snowmelt at the Big Island’s Mauna Loa Volcano. The fresh water is always filtered in hundreds of feet of volcanic rock. The water produced by the brand is considered to be very delicious. It is naturally alkaline, and it contains many electrolytes that are essential for the human body. Some revenue from the water is given to local community programs and non-profit making initiatives in the country.