Fashion and Technology has Great Possibilities in the Near Future; Christopher Burch

The fashion industry has undergone many significant changes over the years, and so has technology. The two industries’ growth is intertwined so that technology becomes fashionable and the fashionable trends become technologically fashionable. Christopher Burch; the founder of Creative Capital, believes that the past entwined growth of the two in industries is a fascinating journey that gives us an insight into what the future holds. The implication of one industry to the other is what enhances the two industries’ to improve our lives.
Over the past years, the two industries have complemented each other remarkably. Technology advancements are greatly influenced by what people consider fashionable. Today designers use technology to create designs that deliver. This application calls for stellar standards in innovation and functionality in both sectors. Technology has offered a playground for fashion designers which is vast and filled with endless possibilities.
In the future, there is going to be astounding results of the two industries coming together to create life-changing inventions. Already there have been technology-based fashion creations that have improved the quality of life. For example, designers have come up with cyclists’ head protection systems which are put around the neck. The airbag system also improves visibility when it has not popped open. The firefighting industry also got the Frontline Gloves which helped to improve their communications while at work. This has improved safety and shown the limitless possibilities that can be born out of the two industries coming together in the near future.
One of the most significant figures contributing to the remarkable development of technologically fashionable inventions is Christopher Burch. Burch is a serial entrepreneur with a vast background in a wide range of industries which include real estate, fashion, and technology. He has over forty years of experience investing as well as the founding of various luxury and technology brands. Among the brands that have significantly been influenced by Burch include Faena Hotel and Universe, Poppin, Jawbone and Voss Water. Burch has also served as a board member of the Continuum Group as well as the Guggenheim Capital.
Currently Burch is the Chief Executive Officer at Creative Capital; one the firms he founded. Burch believe in the endless possibilities which the future holds for the technology and fashion industries. He is a great visionary who believes that the fashion and technology industries will grow together and complement each other.

Profile of Thor Havlorssen

What does a dissident do when he needs to find support for his cause? Who does he turn to in his darkest hour of need? Look no further than Thor Halvorssen.

Halvorssen’s got Human Rights running in his veins. His family is full of people fighting for the wellbeing of their fellow man. His grandfather was a Norwegian diplomat who struggled against the Nazis during World War II. His father was Venezuela’s drug czar before landing in prison after he exposed serious political corruption in Caracas. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

His mother, meanwhile, once landed in the hospital after having been shot during a Human Rights protest in Venezuela.

Today, Halvorssen runs his own NGO, The Human Rights Foundation which is based in New York. His organization stages a Human Rights forum once a year in Oslo, Norway. Admirers have billed it as the Davos of the Human Rights industry.

The forum’s goal is to invite dissidents from the world’s most oppressed countries to speak in front of audiences composed of some of the wealthiest people in the world: bankers, mortgage fund brokers, etc. who are interested in philanthropy. Thor’s goal is that the speakers’ words will touch philanthropic hearts, and the speakers will receive donations for their causes. Truth be told, it’s working.

According to Crunchbase, when Thor Halvorssen isn’t organizing the forum, he’s flying around the world in his quest to help Human Rights activists on the ground. He tells of a time when he traveled to Vietnam to interview a Buddhist monk who was speaking out against the regime. The monk was under house arrest and Thor had to smuggle out a recording of the interview under the watchful eye of the Vietnamese guards.

Another instance found him in South Korea, close to the country’s highly militarized border with North Korea. North Korea is one of the most repressive regimes in the world and its people are kept boxed off from the outside world. Thor Halvorssen delights in needling the North Korean authorities.

Meet Collector, Author and Historian Michael Zomber


Born in Washington D.C., Michael Zomber is one of the world’s leading authorities on Japanese samurai swords. His passion for collecting arms and armor has lasted over four decades and extend to European, Islamic and American arms. He is particularly interested in the weapons made from the sixteenth century all the way through the nineteenth century. Michael Zomber’s passion for collecting is inspired by his belief that ownership of artwork depends on the collector’s stewardship abilities. According to him, present and future generations must appreciate the responsibility to collect and care for art work.

According to his website, Zomber’s collection includes precious weapons that he sometimes sells to interested parties. He only sells to people and organizations that appreciate their historical and monetary value and are capable of preserving them in their mint condition. This will enable future generations appreciate the history of the societies that made the weapons.

Besides being a collector of arms, Michael is a historian, and he has made significant contribution as a guest on the History Channel in their series ‘Tales of Guns’. The series include such episodes as ‘Guns of the Famous’, Guns of the Orient, Dueling Pistols, Shotguns, Automatic pistols and Million Dollar guns. In these programs, Zomber shares his useful insights about guns. Zomber’s work as a historian has inspired his commitment to fostering world peace, having been exposed to the destructive effects of war. He is passionate about supporting organizations whose aim is to encourage amicable solutions to conflicts.

Michael Zomber is also a published author. His most notable historical novels include Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, and Shogun Iemitsu. He has also published a non-fictional book entitled Jesus and the Samurai, as well as over a dozen screenplays. Together with his wife, Andrea, Zomber has also produced a critically acclaimed documentary film, Soul of the Samurai.

The author, collector, philanthropist, film maker and dealer continues to work with others in order to preserve history as well as enhance world peace.  Find more information on Michael’s CrunchBase, which has a great outline of his career.

VTA Publications Helps Individuals Manage Finances



The importance of financial security can not be overemphasized. People are supposed to know how to plan their financial future from an early stage in life by savings and investments. However, many people are not aware of applying smart fiscal planning and savings and instead engage themselves in thinking habits that are detrimental to their future financial security. Some develop a habit known as magical thinking where one believes that they can win a lottery and solve all their financial problems at once. They assume that if they play the lottery each week, they will eventually win. This instinct is dangerous because it hinders people from saving their money for retirement or in cases of emergency. It is, therefore, important to break these chains that hinder intelligent thinking. One can do this by seeking outside help from professionals like Jim Hunt of VTA publications.

VTA Publications, a private limited company was founded in the year 2012. Its main activities are the areas of economics and finance and is a publisher of nonfiction distance learning courses including the organization of events and seminars to cater for its growing number of customers all over the world. They provide customers with cutting edge information using both the physical and digital media in their quest in solving their customers financial and economic issues.


Jim Hunt is the owner and CEO and sets the agenda for the company. He is associated with the strategy known as wealth wave where anyone can make money from a falling stock exchange. He compares it to a surfer who catches the perfect wave and rides it all the way to success. The first step involves a start-up of about a thousand pounds and then doubling it ten times over while keeping the profits rolling up which then comes to a million pounds. He uses the power of compounding in his 10 step approach. It is through such initiatives that Jim Hunt uses to help individuals to save and invest their money wisely and avoid magical thinking which can lead to financial disaster in future.  Follow Jim Hunt himself on Twitter, or read more about what VTA has to offer in their MoreMoneyReview.

Brad Reifler’s Views on how the 2016 Presidential Elections will affect the Future US Economy


In an article published on Huffington Post, Brad Reifler, a hedge fund manager, and serial entrepreneur, shared his thoughts on how the 2016 presidential elections will affect the United States’ economic future. He pointed out that most US citizens are concerned about how the candidacies will affect their livelihood. Brad is renowned for starting Forefront Capital and becoming its chief executive officer in 2009. His grandfather, Ray E. Friedman, was the founder of Refco (a company that Brad once served as a star trader).


As a serial entrepreneur, he managed Reifler Trading Company as his first venture. Brad was the chairperson and chief executive officer of an international financial services company known as Pali Capital. He also served as director of financial institutions such as Foresight Research Solutions and Genesis Securities.


Tax Codes


According to Brad Reifler’s article, both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton have stated in their manifestos that they will make the tax code simpler and readily available to US citizens. The article says that Clinton’s manifestos focus on taxing people who make more than $1 million. It also states that Trump seeks to increase tax deduction limits based on income levels and marital status of people.


Brad’s article also highlighted that both Clinton and Trump did not speak deeply on how they wish to simplify the tax code. According to Brad, Trump has used his campaign website to speak briefly on the matter by suggesting a plan for abolishing the need for filing tax returns.

Child-Care and Estate Taxes


Brad also discussed the plans of both Clinton and Trump regarding child-care and estate tax. Apparently, both candidates are willing to subsidize child-care costs. However, on estate taxes, Trump seeks to cancel certain aspects of the estate tax while Clinton seeks to reduce the estate tax rates. He, therefore, urges people to be keen on the candidate that wins because he or she will change certain aspects of the US economy.

Read more on Brad’s, which shows his credentials for financial analysis.


Sensational New Makeup Is Taking Cosmetics By Storm

This exceptional company has recently released their new liquid foil eye shadow duos. These duos may be used either wet or dry, and sparkle with shimmer and glitter. These long lasting shadows are easy to apply and will give you a bedazzling and exotic shine.

You can use either your finger or a brush for application, as shown in this YouTube video, whichever is preferable, then simply spritz with a little water and apply directly to your eyelids. You have six different color choices, all of which will give you fabulous color and shine. The foilescent line is available in icy silver with champagne gold, rose gold with olive containing gold sparks, mauve containing violet sparks with taupe containing pink sparks and lastly golden mauve with golden brown. The Matte Velvetine line includes rose bronze, metallic plum and pinky mauve. You cannot go wrong with any of these sensational color choices.


Lime Crime has also released three new velvetine lipsticks. They are different from your average lipsticks in that they bring glitter to a whole new level of fun and fashion. These metallic beauties will apply wet and then dry to a beautiful matte finish. These gorgeous lipsticks are available in trendy colors such as posh, happi and vibe. Each and every one of these colors is intriguing and makes a quite a fabulous statement.


These amazing metallic looks achieved by using the ingenious Lime Crime products are appearing on Tumblr by local fans. These products are available exclusively on this Los Angeles based brand’s website. Fast and trackable international shipping is also available. Lime Crime cosmetics have been certified as cruelty free as well as vegan. For even more information on this sensational brand, visit, their official Facebook page, or the official Lime Crime blog created by Doe Deere personally at ILoveLimeCrime.comBuy any of their lipstick, eyeshadow, or eyeliner concoctions on Urban Outfitters.