Beauty Products Reviewed by Kim Dao

Highly liked and followed YouTube vlogger Kim Dao recently put quite a few Japanese beauty products to the test. Some she absolutely loved and others left something to be desired. Kim Dao is known for her top ten lists that include Japanese hair care products, Japanese make up products and Japanese body care products. She also frequently travel vlogs and blogs. One product Kim Dao reviewed from her local beauty store is simply called Smooth Skin. It is a round and pink buffing beauty tool. Kim can hold it in the palm of her hand and she works circular motions over her arms. After using it she reviewed her own arm skin and admits that she doesn’t feel the product made any difference. Her skin felt absolutely the same to her as it did prior to buffing with Smooth Skin. Next Kim Dao reviewed a scalp massaging tool that she purchased. It is round shaped and has multiple extensions that massage the scalp. Kim worked it in a circular motion on her head allowing the extensions to gently rub her head. Kim said it was rather hard and uncomfortable and she did not care for it. The last product she reviewed is a foot mask. The foot mask reminds Kim of the face mask she used. After using the foot mask you are supposed to apply moisturizer to your feet. It looks like a sock and it helps retain moisture to the heal area of the food. Kim was impressed with this product and said it felt rather nice. The complete list of beauty products Kim Dao tested can be viewed here

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