Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere And The Power Of Knowing Your Brand

It’s not easy to take over the cosmetics industry in less than ten years. However, Russian-born Lime Crime founder Doe Deere’s strong understanding of her brand and her own unique aesthetic has allowed millions of millennials to express themselves with the power of makeup.

When Lime Crime was first created in 2008, Deere was trying to create a brand that featured the type of makeup that she liked. While 2008 was all about covering up flaws with neutral colors, Deere craved makeup that allowed for serious self-expression and experimentation. Since she was a little girl, Deere has always gravitated toward the whimsical, bright and sparkly.

Lime Crime’s first product, the Unicorn Lipstick line, continues to sell out regularly. The lipsticks are intensely pigmented and come in a variety of neon pastel shades. The packaging is a metallic magenta tube covered in cute illustrations of unicorns. Back in 2008, the product was radically different from what was trendy in the cosmetics industry.

Doe Deere has continued to stick to her personal aesthetic since the brand’s launch. Gradually, she has earned the respect of makeup lovers who appreciate Deere’s experimental approach to makeup. Because Deere has never wavered from her love of bright colors and sparkly and metallic finishes, Lime Crime customers are deeply loyal and trust Deere’s vision wholeheartedly. Deere refuses to capitalize on current trends, earning her brand much respect throughout the world of makeup enthusiasts.

Today, Lime Crime has millions of followers on social media and large retailers are beginning to stock the brand’s products. The bright and colorful aesthetic that was once anything but trendy is now being copied by hugely successful makeup brands around the world.

However, Deere’s success didn’t come easily. As a young entrepreneur, she learned some tough lessons along the journey to what the brand is today. Just a couple of years after launching Lime Crime, the brand’s website was hacked, suddenly leaving countless customers vulnerable as their personal information was stolen. It took Deere almost a year to slowly earn back the trust of her customers. Now, she has taken great steps to ensure that such a devastating incident never happens again.

One thing that has helped Deere tremendously over the years is her knowledge of her own brand. From day one, Deere has known the Lime Crime customer inside and out. She has remained dedicated to her creative vision, always following her gut instincts when creating new products.

Today, Deere is on top of the cosmetics world. Lime Crime products are highly coveted among makeup enthusiasts. Thanks to her commitment to her vision, millions of makeup lovers are having fun with the world of colorful cosmetics.

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Sensational New Makeup Is Taking Cosmetics By Storm

This exceptional company has recently released their new liquid foil eye shadow duos. These duos may be used either wet or dry, and sparkle with shimmer and glitter. These long lasting shadows are easy to apply and will give you a bedazzling and exotic shine.

You can use either your finger or a brush for application, as shown in this YouTube video, whichever is preferable, then simply spritz with a little water and apply directly to your eyelids. You have six different color choices, all of which will give you fabulous color and shine. The foilescent line is available in icy silver with champagne gold, rose gold with olive containing gold sparks, mauve containing violet sparks with taupe containing pink sparks and lastly golden mauve with golden brown. The Matte Velvetine line includes rose bronze, metallic plum and pinky mauve. You cannot go wrong with any of these sensational color choices.


Lime Crime has also released three new velvetine lipsticks. They are different from your average lipsticks in that they bring glitter to a whole new level of fun and fashion. These metallic beauties will apply wet and then dry to a beautiful matte finish. These gorgeous lipsticks are available in trendy colors such as posh, happi and vibe. Each and every one of these colors is intriguing and makes a quite a fabulous statement.


These amazing metallic looks achieved by using the ingenious Lime Crime products are appearing on Tumblr by local fans. These products are available exclusively on this Los Angeles based brand’s website. Fast and trackable international shipping is also available. Lime Crime cosmetics have been certified as cruelty free as well as vegan. For even more information on this sensational brand, visit, their official Facebook page, or the official Lime Crime blog created by Doe Deere personally at  Buy any of their lipstick, eyeshadow, or eyeliner concoctions on Urban Outfitters.