Rocketship Education: Offering a Bright Future for the Students

Rocketship Education is one of the best alternative learning institutions in the United States today. They do not focus on academics alone, but they are known to teach their students on how to excel in the field of music, sports, arts, and other non-academic skills. Rocketship Education is also employing the best teachers that would train the students to use their skills and talents to their full potential. Currently, Rocketship Education has more than a dozen schools scattered across the country, and most of the schools being operated by Rocketship Education is located in California. People who are living near these schools have chosen to enroll their children inside because of the positive reviews that the educational institution is receiving from the public.

Established in 2007, Rocketship Education aims to train students to become better citizens in the future. Their approach to learning is unique, because aside from the teachers, they are also inviting the parents and the community to become a part of the students’ learning. As a result of this unique approach, students coming from Rocketship Education schools are performing better on national tests. The teachers are actively interviewing their students after school, just to know whether they are having problems inside the school, and to check if everything is ok.

Another approach being applied by the teachers is the personal visit to the student’s home. Rocketship Education believes that the lifestyle of a student inside their house reflects their behavior at school. The teachers are being sent to the house of their students and they are required to observe how the child lives. They are also the one who would have to create their own approach in teaching the student based on what they have seen. Children who have attended the Rocketship Education schools in the past have described how different their present schools are, and would like to go back to their old education institution if given a chance. Rocketship Education schools have recently partnered with the government to help poor deserving kids go to school and to give them a chance in learning new things. Rocketship Education keeps on becoming the beacon of learning for those who could not afford sending their children to an expensive private school.