Traveling Vineyard Offers Fine Wine Service

The Traveling Vineyard is here to serve the needs of wine testers new and old. It has been around for a few years now, and both its model for business and its sales approach are quite unique in and of themselves. This is an understatement. There is no other wine service quite the same. To do it justice, one needs to further explore this business in all of its aspects.

First, The World Headquarters of The Traveling Vineyard

“Our CEO calls himself the Head Cheerleader for a reason: the whole support team at World HQ loves watching you grow. We love our wines, but our favorite part of the day is seeing our Wine Guides achieve their dreams. We’re here to answer any questions or concerns or to tweak things to make your lives….”


Second, The Presence on Social Media

The Traveling Vineyard has a social media webpage for five large platforms. They include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. The Facebook page is the largest and the most visited. It currently contains over 33,000 likes and 32,000 people in following. Photos, videos, events, posts and links to the four other social media sites may be found on this page. One or more posts are made to the timeline on a daily basis, and no post thus far has gone unseen or without response; this fact alone speaks for itself in relation to the popularity and overall attractive qualities of the Facebook page.

It was posted just a few hours ago, and it already has several views, followers and re-tweets. The Twitter page is perhaps the second most viewed page, and the Instagram page is perhaps the third. On Instagram, one can easily spot the attractive background and feature colors of this distinct page right upon arrival.

Colorful and well-placed photos are seen throughout the page as well as a link to The Traveling Vineyard’s Facebook site. On Pinterest, The Traveling Vineyard has 30 chat boards, 72 likes, 1,200 pins and 3,000 followers. The Traveling Vineyard’s greatest strategies for marketing and advertising undoubtedly lie within the social media sites alone.

View The Traveling Vineyard’s page for more information about the company.