Get An Amazing Color Scheme With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Become a part of an amazing color scheme that gives you the choice of vibrant colors that are hard to find with their competitors by using Lime Crime products. You have the option of choosing from radical colors that are available exclusively through their website. Their creator and CEO is also a successful analyst and technology expert. Doe Deere, was recently awarded female of the year for her amazing Lime Crime cosmetics line. Her amazing cosmetic line dares you to bold and take chances with your color choices unapologetic to the world. She brings out the unicorn in girls and guys around the world.

Deere empowers her users to find out what their niche is and perfect their craft. She admits that she had an unconventional way of thinking about colors that wasn’t popular among her peers. However, she received a certification from design school that allowed her to take creative steps towards branding her vibrant color scheme. She was the first of her kind to start a super-foil matte based cosmetic line that goes on with a superior moist application and dries to perfection. Now, her customers can choose from a wonderful line of eyeshadow and lipstick products from LC.

Her colors have also taken her in two new directions with two different company ideas. She has created a Unicorn hair dye collection that includes thirteen new hair color options. You can choose from a semi or permanent hair dye. Get an amazing 14 washes with their permanent hair dye and up to 10 washes with the tint. She has also introduced an amazing Scandal eyeshadow that offers a purple-violet hue for her customers. The line was first introduced to her 2.4 million Instagram customers. Thousands of women are using the new color blend to mix and match their outfit or new hair style.

You can many creative ideas from hundreds of users by visiting their YouTube tutorials. Find ways to mix, match, and blend their cosmetics with actual users. They also offer clothing ideas, accessories, and shoes through their sister company, Dolls Kill. You can choose to wear bright colors that will make you the life of your selfies with a completely waterproof base. Deere was also adamant on creating hair dyes that didn’t contain ammonia or bleach. Her hair dye products are safe for all hair types. You still get the completely cruelty-free and LEAP Bunny approved products that you’re use to with Lime Crime.

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