VTA Publications Helps Individuals Manage Finances



The importance of financial security can not be overemphasized. People are supposed to know how to plan their financial future from an early stage in life by savings and investments. However, many people are not aware of applying smart fiscal planning and savings and instead engage themselves in thinking habits that are detrimental to their future financial security. Some develop a habit known as magical thinking where one believes that they can win a lottery and solve all their financial problems at once. They assume that if they play the lottery each week, they will eventually win. This instinct is dangerous because it hinders people from saving their money for retirement or in cases of emergency. It is, therefore, important to break these chains that hinder intelligent thinking. One can do this by seeking outside help from professionals like Jim Hunt of VTA publications.

VTA Publications, a private limited company was founded in the year 2012. Its main activities are the areas of economics and finance and is a publisher of nonfiction distance learning courses including the organization of events and seminars to cater for its growing number of customers all over the world. They provide customers with cutting edge information using both the physical and digital media in their quest in solving their customers financial and economic issues.


Jim Hunt is the owner and CEO and sets the agenda for the company. He is associated with the strategy known as wealth wave where anyone can make money from a falling stock exchange. He compares it to a surfer who catches the perfect wave and rides it all the way to success. The first step involves a start-up of about a thousand pounds and then doubling it ten times over while keeping the profits rolling up which then comes to a million pounds. He uses the power of compounding in his 10 step approach. It is through such initiatives that Jim Hunt uses to help individuals to save and invest their money wisely and avoid magical thinking which can lead to financial disaster in future.  Follow Jim Hunt himself on Twitter, or read more about what VTA has to offer in their MoreMoneyReview.