Brad Reifler’s Views on how the 2016 Presidential Elections will affect the Future US Economy


In an article published on Huffington Post, Brad Reifler, a hedge fund manager, and serial entrepreneur, shared his thoughts on how the 2016 presidential elections will affect the United States’ economic future. He pointed out that most US citizens are concerned about how the candidacies will affect their livelihood. Brad is renowned for starting Forefront Capital and becoming its chief executive officer in 2009. His grandfather, Ray E. Friedman, was the founder of Refco (a company that Brad once served as a star trader).


As a serial entrepreneur, he managed Reifler Trading Company as his first venture. Brad was the chairperson and chief executive officer of an international financial services company known as Pali Capital. He also served as director of financial institutions such as Foresight Research Solutions and Genesis Securities.


Tax Codes


According to Brad Reifler’s article, both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton have stated in their manifestos that they will make the tax code simpler and readily available to US citizens. The article says that Clinton’s manifestos focus on taxing people who make more than $1 million. It also states that Trump seeks to increase tax deduction limits based on income levels and marital status of people.


Brad’s article also highlighted that both Clinton and Trump did not speak deeply on how they wish to simplify the tax code. According to Brad, Trump has used his campaign website to speak briefly on the matter by suggesting a plan for abolishing the need for filing tax returns.

Child-Care and Estate Taxes


Brad also discussed the plans of both Clinton and Trump regarding child-care and estate tax. Apparently, both candidates are willing to subsidize child-care costs. However, on estate taxes, Trump seeks to cancel certain aspects of the estate tax while Clinton seeks to reduce the estate tax rates. He, therefore, urges people to be keen on the candidate that wins because he or she will change certain aspects of the US economy.

Read more on Brad’s, which shows his credentials for financial analysis.


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