The Practical Physician Dr. Saad

Directly out of Cairo University School of Medicine, Dr. Saad Saad has been easing the pain and improving the quality of life for his patients for many years. His specialty is surgery and he spends his time at either the Jersey Shore University Medical Center or the Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus. Anyone that has been lucky enough to experience a catheter or have an examination performed by an endoscope may already heard of the great Dr. Saad Saad.

The tenacious doctor has been in vocation of pediatric surgical procedures for well over four decades now. Because he’s taken voyages from the U.S. to Jerusalem and back again eight times as a pediatric physician, his practice and patients are now scattered around the globe. During these trips he has given countless operations for those who are down-and-out with no way to pay the good doctor. With that kind of hard work inside and out of the country, it’s no surprise he’s come up with an ingenious idea or two on improving the process. Along with his practice he has placed his hands into the field of invention with a mind set of aiding those in need. Recently he is featured in an article on the Medical Daily Times that can be read here, the article sheds light on how he’s currently saving lives with his inventions, patent number 5,727,553 and patent number 5,725,478.

For those who don’t have their patents down, the first is a catheter that can be located by electromagnetic energy. For those without the convenience of an MRI machine in their kitchen and could do without consistent radiation from a regular X-ray scan this is good news as the catheter can be found by an external device. It’s like running a metal detector over the sandy beach until it lights up indicating the treasure is directly below. This has simplified the process of finding the catheter in a patient’s body by tenfold, improving the safety and practicality of the entire process.

The Second is a huge leap in improvements for endoscopes. These devices are excellent for getting a look at the organs inside the body. The only problem is human bodies produce so many thick liquids that the device has to be removed, cleaned, and re-positioned regularly. What Dr. Saad has done is attached an irrigation system to the endoscope to suck away all of those thick liquids, this improves the efficiency and comfort of the patient in an invaluable manner. Both of the doctor’s inventions are created in an effort to reduce dilemmas during procedures, this is the mission of Dr. Saad to aide in anyway he can. Learn more: