Using Polynesian Airlines To Visit Samoa

Polynesian Airlines is a fairly small operation with flights that extend across the Pacific Ocean. Their base of operation is at a tiny airport located in the heart of the Samoan Islands called Fagali’I Airport. The airport was run down and in fact closed by the government because of safety issues when Polynesian Airlines purchased it. They rebuilt it and addressed all of the safety concerns and have made it a main hub for travelers. If you are going to Fagali, then you will need use this airline to get there. Since the airport is small, larger planes are not able to land there and people who wish to visit will need to fly into other airports and get a connecting flight on Polynesian Airlines. The airport in Fagali has also begun taking flights from Samoa Airlines and South Pacific Island Airways recently. This has caused quite a boom in business for them.

Native people on the island of Fagali complained in the past of noise from the airport and this concern was also addressed when the airline took over. They no longer feel that there are ongoing problems but have seen an increase in their island revenue from it. Tour groups from all over the world visit Fagali each year bringing many different cultures to it. The island people have learned to adapt to this new diversity in their culture. Tourism has now become the largest industry on the island but they also manage to keep the quaintness it always had.

Since reopening the airport in 2009, Polynesian Airlines has also been able to grow its fleet of planes. They have recently purchased a jet engine plane to add to it. This has allowed them to extend their service area to include the islands of Pago Pago and Tonga. Tourist are now able to take short flights to visit these places also while on vacation.